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Donate now and support development of Counter-Strike 1.6 Maps (CSS Series). If people will donate the amount of 100€ i will make a new map from CS:GO (Inferno, Nuke or Dust2) the same as previous work by Tatu Eugen. Donate now and make it happen!

All donators will appear in credits on the map with the amount of money donated and on my website!

Donators List

Doan Van Thanh: 2,00€
My name is Tatu Eugen, i create maps for Counter-Strike since 2008. I'm author of over 400 maps for Counter-Strike Triology. By the way... my first map was made by me somewhere in 2007, in 2008 i was back making maps... I was started playing Counter-Strike since 2005, in computer caffe's and friends home.

My work included all, from amateur work to the professional leagues work, i was making maps for many communities of gamers and servers. In late years (after 2012), after CS:GO released i was starting re-making maps back to CS 1.6 from CS:GO. So this is the fact, when everyone just move to GO i remain to 1.6 and bring back maps. Counter-Strike was important for me, i was playing for 8 years amateur and competitive, also i was having my communities and servers back in time, from 2007 to 2015.

This is my second website about my maps, and is not in final release yet!!! Enjoy.


Counter-Strike was the first game come out as a mod in 12 june 1999, after was updated untill 1.6 version, later an update to game engine was released, from Goldsource became Source Engine, new engine: new games. Counter-Strike: Source was the second Counter-Strike release and come out in 1 november 2004, but this time in Source Engine, with everything updated, gameplay, weapons, maps, ... After years, and years Counter-Strike become old and ugly compared with CS:S, so here appear CSS maps for CS 1.6, use css_ tag, a unique tag created by me for these maps, to be found easy and sort easy from other tags. Later in 2012, CS:GO comes up, a new version of the game, some maps are from CS:GO but still use css_ tag because is from source engine and more easy recognised by tag. 

Official css_ maps

Servers Using

There is a lot of servers of CS 1.6 using css_ maps, the best way for find these servers is on gametracker, a website who track servers: servers using css maps

All maps created by Tatu Eugen ,